SERS-Active Nanovectors for Single-Cell Cancer Screening and Theranostics

  • Claudia FasolatoEmail author
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In this chapter, we will report on the application of folate-based SERS active nanovectors to single cell screening for cancer diagnostics. Owing to the overexpression of folate receptor on cancer cells, their selective targeting with the SERS-nanovector can be achieved. A single cell screening procedure based on Raman microimaging can be used to discriminate normal and cancer cells and the level of folate receptor expression can even be inferred by SERS measurements over statistically relevant cell populations. Therapeutic features of the nanovectors can be implemented by substituting folate molecule with toxic antifolate drugs. As the characterization of folate/antifolate nanovectors was discussed in Chap. 3, here we will mainly focus on the biophysical results of the experiment.


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