Jan Oderfeld (1908–2010): Retrospective Memories of the Past

  • Janusz WawrzeckiEmail author
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Part of the History of Mechanism and Machine Science book series (HMMS, volume 37)


Open image in new window Jan Oderfeld, professor at the Warsaw University of Technology from 1952, participated in the creation and development of the scientific discipline Theory of Mechanisms and Machines in Poland. In 1955 he contributed to the creation of the Department of Theory of Mechanisms and Machines at the Warsaw University of Technology and contributed to the establishment of the Polish Committee on Mechanisms and Machines Theory at the Committee for Machine Design and Mechanisms at the Polish Academy of Sciences, of which he was the first President and then the Honorary Chairman of the Committee. He was one of the founders of IFToMM in 1969 in Zakopane, Poland. He also held various functions in the Federation authorities, for the first two terms he was a member of the Executive Council (IFToMM Excutive Council), and he was the chairman of the Constitutional Committee and a member of the Standardization Committee ‘A’. Professor Jan Oderfeld was and remains one of the most outstanding figures who contributed to the scientific development of TMM.


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