Integration of Wind Farms Using MTDC Grids: Frequency Support Perspective

  • Nilanjan Ray Chaudhuri


Provision of frequency support through multiterminal DC (MTDC) grids from one asynchronous AC area to the other is presented. Weak AC areas with low inertia need such frequency support following contingencies like loss of generation. Principle of operator-prescribed ratio-based frequency support contribution is discussed, which can quantify the extent of such contribution. In addition, the concept of ratio-based selective participation from different areas based on existing contractual obligations is highlighted as a mechanism for future ancillary service markets. Extraction of inertial and primary frequency support from both onshore and offshore wind farms is discussed in the context of VSC MTDC and hybrid MTDC grids, where the latter consist of both VSC and LCC converters.



Results reported in this chapter are developed based on research papers [36, 37] published from my group, which are reproduced with permission of IEEE. Graduate student involved in producing these results is Mr. Sai Gopal Vennelaganti. Most of the research material was produced with support from NSF grant award ECCS1656983.


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