The Role of Geospatial Technology with IoT for Precision Agriculture

  • V. BhanumathiEmail author
  • K. Kalaivanan
Part of the Studies in Big Data book series (SBD, volume 49)


Precision agriculture is mainly used to make the farming as user-friendly to achieve the desired production of a crop. With the latest Geospatial technologies, the analysis related to any type of application using the Internet of Things (IoT) made each and everyone, to materialize the things whatever is imagined. The geographic information collected from various sources and with this, IoT establishes a communication to the entire world through an Internet. The information will be helpful in the maintenance of the farmland by applying the required amount of fertilizer at the right time in the right place. It is expected that in the future, this type of smart agriculture with the application of information and communication technologies including IoT will definitely bring a revolution in the global agricultural scenario to make it more resource-efficient and productive. The main goal in combining the Geospatial technology with IoT for precision is to monitor and predict the critical parameters such as water quality, soil condition, ambient temperature and moisture, irrigation, and fertilizer for improving the crop production. It can be expected that with the help of Geospatial and IoT in smart farming, the prediction of the amount of fertilizer, weeds, and irrigation will be accurate and it helps the farmers in making decisions related to all the requirements in terms of control and supply.


Wireless sensor networks Precision agriculture Internet of Things Smart farming Crop production 


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