Apart from the Apostates

  • Peter Herriot


Believers’ identification with their assembly is central to themselves, and therefore, any threat to the assembly is a threat to the self. The most dangerous threat of all is the one nearest to home, from ‘the enemy within’, loose Brethren. These are accused of being prophets of doom, creating a false picture of ineffective assemblies and outdated practices. They offer unscriptural solutions to this non-issue which undermine Assembly Truth and foment discontent with the oversight. They can only be effectively kept at bay by careful control of who is allowed into contact with the assembly. Even letters of commendation for visitors from other assemblies are insufficient; additional sources of information must be consulted to ensure they are sound in doctrine and blameless in witness. The tight Brethren have, then, morphed from an open and optimistic movement to a fearful and defensive fundamentalist sect.

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