Intraocular Lymphoma: A Posterior Uveitis Masquerade Syndrome

  • Brian K. Do
  • Jesse L. Berry
  • Damien C. Rodger
Part of the Essentials in Ophthalmology book series (ESSENTIALS)


Intraocular lymphoma is a known ocular masquerade syndrome due to its variable presentation that can simulate other forms of ocular inflammation. Ocular lymphomas, in general, are rare and diverse and are often confused with other diagnoses first. These include primary intraocular lymphoma or vitreoretinal lymphoma, which is a high-grade malignancy associated with primary CNS lymphoma, but also the more indolent uveal lymphoma and ocular adnexal lymphoma. The diagnosis of the disease is often difficult, as investigations and treatment for possible other causes of uveitis, retinitis, and generalized ocular inflammation are initially undertaken, prior to a diagnosis of lymphoma being entertained. Imaging findings in this disease can equally be very variable; however there are some general principles which may help guide the clinician to the correct diagnosis; these will be discussed in this chapter.


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