Case Studies of Smart Algorithm for Industrial Process Control

  • X. Anitha MaryEmail author
  • Lina Rose
  • R. Jegan
Part of the Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing book series (STUDFUZZ, volume 374)


Smart algorithm has a critical role in determining the tuning parameters of controller in process industry. Gasifier is a four-input and four-output system with high degree of interconnections. It is mandatory to design a controller for gasifier with the specified input and output limits. The first section deals with the controller design for gasifier with genetic algorithm optimization. The major requirement of any industrial process is to control the output to obtain the desired result. The problems faced by using the analogue controller can be removed using a digital controller when there is a significant dead time in the process. Even though digital controllers are preferred over analogue controllers for a précised output, the search for particular performance matrices would end up with optimized outputs. Such a system for temperature control is studied using optimized digital controller, which gives an eye to major application in control field, and is demonstrated and detailed in second case study. Section 14.3 deals with the development of smart controller for conical tank. In the process control, the designing of controller for liquid level in tanks and the flow between the tanks is a major task faced by the engineers. If the tanks are interconnected, the level or flow parameters which are above the set point may cause system to unstable condition. Thus the control of such parameters is very crucial in control engineering field.


Gasifier Genetic algorithm PID controller Conical tank NGIC PSO Temperature process control 


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