Performance Analysis of Compression Techniques for Multimedia Data

  • Anupama S. BudhewarEmail author
  • Dharmpal D. Doye
Part of the Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing book series (STUDFUZZ, volume 374)


Multimedia compression plays an important role in multimedia communication. In this paper, the problems of compression, quality degradation video and image are discussed. Block matching algorithms compress the image block by block, and it also operates in a temporal manner. Proposed method is a combination of spatio-temporal compression method.It is the combination of intensity and motion estimation. The proposed technique’s compression gains of about90 percent with respective to static JPEG-LS, as it is applied a frame basis. it achieves a good computation complexity and reduces it. An experimental result shows the better performance than existing methods. Due to spatio-temporal combination method quality of degradation is improved compared to existing methods.


Motion compensation (MC) Motion estimation (ME) Discrete cosine transform (DCT) Sum of absolute (SAD) Wireless sensor network (WSN) 


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