Mobile Agent System Based Cloud Computing for Ubiquitous Telemonitoring Healthcare

  • Nardjes BouchemalEmail author
  • Ramdane Maamri
  • Naila Bouchemal
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Distributed computing through a handheld/mobile device has to be considered with carefulness because of the limited capabilities on these devices. Especially in Ubiquitous Telemonitoring Healthcare, which refers to the disposition of any type of health services such that medical staff members, through mobile computing devices, can access them and expect data to be made available. In this paper, we present a new system based on mobile agent to assist monitor physician and cloud computing concept to allow him easy storage and remote access of healthcare data.


Ubiquitous Telemonitoring Healthcare Agent technology Cloud computing 


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  • Ramdane Maamri
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  • Naila Bouchemal
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