Optical Polarization Tractography Imaging of Structural Changes in the Skeletal and Cardiac Muscles of the mdx4cv Mice

  • Gang YaoEmail author


Optical polarization tractography (OPT) is a recently developed imaging technology that can quantitatively evaluate the three-dimensional fiber organization in tissue with microscopic resolution. In this chapter, we first introduce the basic principle and system design of this technology. We then show its applications for imaging skeletal muscle damage and heart structural remodeling in the mdx4cv mice, a mouse model for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Because of its relatively low system cost, high imaging speed, and cellular-level resolution, OPT may become an effective tool for phenotype assessment in the research of neuromuscular diseases.


Imaging Fiber Tractography Muscle Heart Mouse Remodel Polarization 



The results presented in this chapter were obtained in close collaboration with Dr. Dongsheng Duan. We thank Yuanbo Wang, Keqing Zhang, Chuanmao Fan, and many other students and colleagues’ valuable contributions to this project.


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