A Model Driven Approach for Automated Generation of Service-Oriented Holonic Manufacturing Systems

  • Mohammed El Amin Tebib
  • Pascal AndréEmail author
  • Olivier Cardin
Conference paper
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 803)


In the context of manufacturing in Industry 4.0, software systems become of prime importance. Efficient, adaptable and trusted software services are required. Several approaches succeeded in creating a Service-oriented Holonic Manufacturing System that combines the advantages of Service-oriented Architectures and Holonic Manufacturing Systems. However until now these systems suffer from many shortcomings, among which are genericity, lack of proof of functional behaviour correctness, architecture modularity, etc. These systems are usually implemented manually and become hardly adaptable and reconfigurable to different contexts (resources, workshop...). In this paper, we investigate a Model Driven Engineering approach to represent these systems in order to automate the generation of the services logic code from abstract models and to construct a new software chain that deals with all the shortcomings cited above.


Service-oriented architecture Holonic manufacturing systems Model-driven engineering Verification 


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  • Mohammed El Amin Tebib
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  • Pascal André
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  • Olivier Cardin
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  1. 1.LUNAM Université, Université de Nantes, LS2N UMR CNRS 6004Nantes CedexFrance
  2. 2.LUNAM Université, IUT de Nantes – Université de Nantes, LS2N UMR CNRS 6004Carquefou CedexFrance

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