Principles of Reconstruction: Reconstruction of the Parotid Area

  • Silvano Ferrari
  • Andrea Ferri
  • Bernardo Bianchi
  • Enrico Sesenna


Reconstruction of the parotid area after tumour resection is of primary relevance to ensure satisfactory patient’s quality of life, both from the functional and from the aesthetic point of view. The ideal reconstructive technique should be chosen taking into account the extension of the defect, the structures removed (gland, surrounding soft tissues, skin, facial nerve) and the patient’s profile in terms of age, comorbidities and availability of donor sites. Options may vary from locoregional to pedicled flaps up to microvascular free flaps. Special care should be taken in the replacement of the skin, when needed, in order to achieve the best match with the native one in terms of colour and texture. Special considerations should be also taken into account for what concerns management of the facial nerve when its sacrifice is required for oncological purposes. In these cases, immediate reconstruction techniques offer the best results in terms of functional outcomes.

In this chapter authors present a review of the reconstructive techniques available for parotid area reconstruction, with a specific focus on management of the facial nerve.


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  • Andrea Ferri
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  • Bernardo Bianchi
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  • Enrico Sesenna
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