A Review of the Geology and Geodynamic Evolution of Tectonic Terranes in Turkey

  • M. Cemal GöncüoğluEmail author
Part of the Modern Approaches in Solid Earth Sciences book series (MASE, volume 16)


The geodynamic evolution of Turkey is mainly controlled by drift and collision of a number oceanic and continental plates or terranes. This can be ascribed to four orogenic episodes, namely: the Cadomian, Variscan, Cimmerian and Alpine. During these episodes, terranes were formed in a wide range of tectonic settings, including active and passive continental margins, rifts, arcs and suture complexes between the Gondwana supercontinent in the South and the Eurasian supercontinent in the North. The arrangements and re-arrangements of these terranes in the past 500 Ma gave way to a very complex mosaic of geological units with a wide variety of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic units, as well as related mineral systems, as discussed in the chapters of this book.

In this chapter a brief review of these geological processes will be summarised within the framework of the geodynamic evolution to provide a background for the igneous activity, sedimentary rocks, metamorphic processes and formation of the mineral resources in Turkey.



This review is only a brief summary of facts and speculations in an area with very complex and highly debated geological problems. The author tried to present a balanced account on the different approaches and models.

For the patient editorial handling, I am thankful to F. PIRAJNO, T. ÜNLÜ, C DÖNMEZ and M. B. ŞAHİN. Özgür ÖZERKAN, Uğur BALCI and Deniz TRINGA are acknowledged for their help in revising the figures.


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