Compensation Fund in Postal Service: A Step Forward After the Polish Case

  • S. RomitoEmail author
  • S. Gori
  • A. Rovero
Part of the Topics in Regulatory Economics and Policy book series (TREP)


European Commission with the Decision SA.38869 (2014/N) has approved the Compensation Fund (CF) as a mean of financing the universal service net cost in Poland. In the light of this Decision, the paper examines firstly the features of a fair CF then the products of the universal service among different Countries, with a special focus on parcels and express courier. In the next section it is analyzed the difference between the parcel and express courier shipments in the light of prevailing market definitions in EC Decisions. As e-commerce shipments are boosting, the research also examines their characteristics and their eligibility to contribute to the CF. The paper concludes with a possible way forward after the Polish decision.


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