Research and Design of Expert System Based on Oil-Gas Field Energy Saving Information Platform

  • Yidong GuoEmail author
  • Yufeng Lu
  • Xiaomei He
  • Tongyang Zhang
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 885)


Oil-gas enterprises as the source of oil and gas resources exploration, storage and transportation processing, and the high consumption industries of various energy sources, face with the increasing double pressure of energy saving and cost reduction. The exploration in oil-gas field enterprises Comprehensive energy consumption monitoring, energy efficiency benchmarking, and energy saving expert knowledge database system, to build the integrated framework which take the integration of the comprehensive energy consumption monitoring, energy efficiency real-time benchmarking and energy saving policy pushing as the main body, to realize the monitoring of energy efficiency data and equipment operation situation in the oil-gas production process, and the energy efficiency benchmark warning mechanism and the flexible analysis and evaluation of energy efficiency, will certainly have very important significance for the control of enterprise energy consumption, the promotion in energy-saving technological progress and meticulous management, the implementation of the opening up source and the flow regulating, the cost reduction and the efficiency increase. In this paper, based on the research of the system architecture on energy saving information platform and expert system for oil and gas field enterprises, deployment strategy functional module, the application of expert system, we put forward some suggestions in the future direction of development, and provide a new model for energy saving by means of expert system in oil and gas enterprises launched a comprehensive assessment of energy consumption analysis and instant interventional management.


Energy-saving monitoring Energy efficiency real-time benchmarking Optimization of energy saving technology Energy saving expert system 


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  • Yidong Guo
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  • Yufeng Lu
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  • Xiaomei He
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  • Tongyang Zhang
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