This chapter discusses infrastructure investments, which are long-term, buy-and-hold investments into long-term projects such as transportation, telecommunications, utilities, energy, healthcare, and educational facilities. Exposure to infrastructure can be attained via investment vehicles such as unlisted infrastructure funds, listed infrastructure funds, publicly traded infrastructure companies and municipal bonds earmarked to infrastructure projects. Infrastructure investment strategies include improving risk-adjusted returns of traditional portfolios containing assets such as stocks and bonds, using infrastructure assets for inflation hedging somewhat akin to using real estate investments for this purpose, and generating stable cash flows from “brownfield” (as opposed to “greenfield”) infrastructure projects associated with established assets in need of improvement, which can further benefit from diversification across different economic sectors.


Infrastructure investments Buy-and-hold investments Transportation Telecommunications Utilities Energy Healthcare Educational facilities Investment vehicles Unlisted infrastructure funds Listed Infrastructure Funds Infrastructure companies Municipal bonds Infrastructure projects Risk-adjusted return Traditional portfolio Inflation hedging Cash flows “Brownfield” projects “Greenfield” projects Diversification Tracking ETF 


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