Comparing Coverage in Syria and Yemen: Qualitative Analysis

  • Amanda Guidero
  • Maia Carter Hallward


This chapter examines why Syria receives more attention than Yemen given the severity of humanitarian crises in both countries using content analysis of articles from purposefully selected media sources. The analysis focuses on multiple high-profile events in each conflict to assess how the media covers instances in which the use of force by state and/or nonstate actors results in humanitarian crisis. The results indicate that humanitarian issues in both conflicts receive similar—and high rates of—attention, but international law and international humanitarian law receive little attention in the media. The results also show that even in coverage on events that illustrate the humanitarian crises in Syria and Yemen and involve potential breaches of international humanitarian law, articles and international actors, including the UN and nongovernmental organizations, tend to refrain from discussing how state and nonstate use of force might violate those laws.


Content analysis Qualitative methods Humanitarian law Humanitarian crisis Use of force 


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  • Maia Carter Hallward
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