Comparative Analysis of the Content of School Course of Informatics in Russia and Subjects of the International Competition Bebras

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During of the first twenty-five years of its existence, the informatics course in Russian school was structured around following cross-cutting content lines: information and information processes; representation of information; computer; modeling and formalization; algorithmization and programming; Information Technology; computer telecommunications, social informatics. Recently thematic block Mathematical foundations of computer science has been more clearly formed in it. In addition traditional line of algorithmization and programming, which was transformed into the thematic block Algorithms and programming elements, which includes robotics and mathematical modeling, has developed significantly. In general content of the course of informatics is stable, its fundamental component is the basis of the state final certification of graduates of primary and senior schools. At the same time students, their parents as well as representatives of the higher education and IT industry express concern about content of the modern school informatics course, rightly believing that this discipline has much greater potential for mastering such key competences of the digital economy as basic programming, basics of working with data, communication in modern digital environments. Since 2012, Russian students successfully participate in the international distant competition Bebras, in the tasks of which priority is given to the issues of theoretical informatics as the basis of modern information technologies. The subject field of the competition is in many respects consonant with the content lines of Russian informatics course in school, the main differences lie in approaches to the representation of key concepts, ideas, methods and algorithms. Materials of the international competition Bebras can become a basis for the modernization of Russian informatics course in school by expanding its theoretical base as well as ensuring the unity of its theoretical and practical components.


Content of school course of informatics in Russia International course Bebras 


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