The Wooing of Lasse and the Caring for the Dogs

  • Mary R. Tahan


A documentation of Roald Amundsen’s group of dogs residing on the bridge of the Fram, most of whom he attempts to befriend. Descriptions are given of each dog, their relationship to one another, and their relationship with Amundsen. Journal entries show that Amundsen was entertained by all his dogs, and was in awe of them, writing copiously about them in his diary, but always determined to have the upper hand with them. Comparisons between his diary and his book show that he chose not to disclose some facts about the dogs in his official published account. Also discussed are the methods of feeding, training, rewarding, and punishing the dogs, with diary passages illustrating Amundsen’s strategic approach regarding the dogs’ education and well-being, and his placing them as the priority for the ship’s crew.


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  2. Amundsen R (1912) The South Pole: an account of the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition in the “Fram”, 1910–1912, 2 vols (A. G. Chater, Trans.). London: John Murray.Google Scholar

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