Fram’s Test Voyage and the Island of the Misfit Dogs

  • Mary R. Tahan


This chapter incorporates information gleaned from archival film footage, shot by Roald Amundsen himself, to depict two events: Amundsen’s and his crew’s trial voyage along the Atlantic in the Fram in June–July 1910 and the 97 Greenland dogs’ temporary housing and captivity at Fredriksholm Fortress on Flekkerö (Flekkerøy) Island in July–August 1910. Featured are descriptions of proceedings on board the ship during the testing of the Polar vessel’s new motor and the ship’s capabilities, including a very uncensored scene of slaughter. Also featured are descriptions of the 97 dogs, chained to the inside of the fortress, as they are fed and tended to by a young girl helping expedition members Sverre Hassel, Adolf Lindstrøm, and Oscar Wisting care for the dogs, Lindstrøm’s unfortunate close encounter with one of the dogs, and Wisting’s retrieval of another dog who attempts a swim to freedom.


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