Born and Bred in Antarctica

  • Mary R. Tahan


As the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition prepares for winter at Framheim, the world reacts to the news of their presence in Antarctica. This chapter addresses some of the reactions of rivals, colleagues, and mentors to Roald Amundsen’s duplicity, including the reaction of Captain Robert Falcon Scott to Amundsen’s presence in the Bay of Whales and to the presence of the sled dogs. An interesting inquiry as to the dogs’ welfare is made by the Royal Greenland Trading Company inspector Jens Daugaard-Jensen, who had first sold the dogs to Amundsen. This chapter also provides an account of the sled dogs’ continued breeding in Antarctica, the birth of new puppies to new mothers, and the men’s actions and reactions in the midst of the ever-growing canine population, including Amundsen’s vacillating views, Hjalmar Johansen’s dog-caring techniques, and the men’s efforts to build a dedicated maternity area. The chapter ends with Amundsen’s revised strategy to prepare the dogs for the post-winter trek to the South Pole and the sun’s departure on April 19 – marking the beginning of winter.


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