Investigation of Non-natural Information from Remote Sensing Images: A Case Study Approach

  • Nadeem Akhtar
  • Nitin S. Choubey
  • U. Ragavendran
Part of the EAI/Springer Innovations in Communication and Computing book series (EAISICC)


The frequent changes in natural and non-natural information on the earth can be imaged using remote sensing (RS) techniques. Non-natural information changes are more frequent than natural changes on the planet; thus, they have a drastic impact on geographical information systems (GIS). Revolutions in satellite imaging technology have improved the interpretation of non-natural information (e.g., roads, buildings, bridges, dams) for GIS updates in a shorter period of time compared with ground surveying. The interpretation of road information is particularly vital for navigation. High-resolution RS images provide a good interpretation of road information; however, different interferences (e.g., building rooftops, parking lots, shadows from buildings, trees, vehicles) appear as noise, which reduces the efficiency of the extraction. In this chapter, different types of RS images are investigated, including panchromatic, aerial, multispectral, synthetic-aperture radar, and light detection and ranging.


Remote Sensing Road Detection Artificial Intelligent and Information Systems Image Computing and Navigation Systems 


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