Ghada Samman: Mosaic of Memory

  • Riad Ismat
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Ghada Samman is a unique example of an avant-garde female author from the Arab world; her cross-cultural fame was earned through translating her work into a dozen languages or so. Samman started her literary career in her hometown of Damascus in the early 1960s, publishing short stories in local Syrian and Lebanese press.


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Some of Ghada Samman’s Books in English:

  1. Samman, Ghada; Beirut 75, a Novel, translated by Nancy Roberts (originally published in Arabic in 1975).Google Scholar
  2. Samman, Ghada; Beirut Nightmares, a Novel, Quartet Books (originally published in Arabic in 1976).Google Scholar
  3. Samman, Ghada; The Night of the First Billion, a Novel, translated into English by Nancy Roberts; Syracuse University Press, 2005.Google Scholar
  4. Samman, Ghada; Farewell Damascus, an Autobiographical Novel, Darf Publishers, UK, translated into English byNancy Roberts, 2017 (Titled in Arabic: The Impossible Novel: Damascene Mosaic).Google Scholar

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