Mamdouh Adwan, Mahmoud Diyab & Naguib Surur

  • Riad Ismat
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Mamdouh Adwan was a famous Syrian poet, journalist, playwright, television script writer and novelist, in addition to his translation of several books from English into Arabic. He was nicknamed “Zorba” because of his vivid and wild personality. Mahmoud Diyab was one of the most prominent Egyptian playwrights of his own time, and his reputation spread beyond his native country to the entire Arab world. Some of his plays even premiered in Damascus, Algeria and Baghdad before being produced in Cairo. Naguib Surur was always honest, frank and relentless about his national stance, and never compromised his convictions. Therefore, he was arrested several times and subjected to torture. He was unjustly accused of insanity and locked in a mental asylum, where he passed away in 1978 at the age of 46.


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