Experimental Analysis

  • Illa Weiss
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In this chapter, we evaluate the performance of the branch-and-bound algorithm and the heuristic variants presented in Chap. 5. Moreover, we investigate the performance of the mixed-integer linear program (3.40) (MILP) from Sect. 3.2.2. In Sect. 6.1, we describe the experimental design. Section 6.2 deals with the validation of the branch-and-bound algorithm, the heuristics, and the MILP using test sets from the literature for special cases of the resource transfer problem. Since to the best of our knowledge there are no systematically generated test instances available in the literature that include all components of the resource transfer problem, we have generated new test sets for integrated scheduling and routing problems arising in the context of supply chain operations planning. The generation of these test sets is described in Sect. 6.3 and the computational results are presented in Sect. 6.4


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