Potential Business of Climate Friendly Goods and Technologies in Asia

  • Soumyananda Dinda
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This chapter examines empirical relationships, analyses determinants of CFGT trade in the precrisis period and predicts bilateral trade flows using the gravity model in Asia. Income level, geographical distance and developmental position of both trading partners and country characteristics, economic policy reforms and available infrastructure are important determinants of CFGT trade and its sub-categories. The total estimated potential exports of CFGT within Asia and the European Union were around $32 billion US dollar (USD) and $10 billion US dollar in 2008, respectively. Estimating potential trade gap, this chapter predicts the value of trade opportunity of CFGT in Asia and identifies potential trading partners within and outside Asia.


CFGT Clean coal technology Energy-efficient technology Wind energy Solar photovoltaic system Other code SAARC ASEAN APTA Gravity model Potential trade opportunity Export Import GDP GDP per capita Distance Potential trade gap Asia China Japan India South Asia 


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