Economic Value and Revenue Management Systems: Case Studies

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The creation of value is a complex issue that involves different business dimensions. The creation of value requires the implementation of appropriate business planning tools that, in the era of the contamination economy, must support the decision-making processes and the competitive dynamics. Business information systems are more integrated, and, in recent decades, the non-accounting data have assumed the same relevance as accounting data. In this context, RM systems have become increasingly important.

RM systems are based on two main levers: dynamic prices and capacity allocation. RM systems are strategically important to support the processes of predicting and manipulating the behavior of potential customers and to maximize the profitability of the business.

In this chapter, the author provides some case studies to illustrate the strategic use of some managerial tools to support the maximization of business profitability. Case studies are designed to draw out the integration between the financial, economic, and technical dimensions. In the case studies, some theoretical concepts are provided to facilitate the solution.


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