The GLOBALJ Framework

  • Balázs Bánhelyi
  • Tibor Csendes
  • Balázs Lévai
  • László Pál
  • Dániel Zombori
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The GLOBAL optimization method was designed in an era when researchers had to take into account the hardware limitations that meant much more difficulty back then, if they worked on practical optimization methods. The algorithm GLOBAL and all its implementations including the latest one in MATLAB have been carrying over workarounds of these past problems that are obsolete nowadays. The algorithm has no implementation on any of the modern programming platforms, while the available ones are not easy to use, customize, or integrate into larger software environments. This chapter introduces the GLOBALJ framework, a new, modularized JAVA implementation of an improved GLOBAL algorithm.


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  • Balázs Bánhelyi
    • 1
  • Tibor Csendes
    • 1
  • Balázs Lévai
    • 2
  • László Pál
    • 3
  • Dániel Zombori
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  1. 1.Department of Computational OptimizationUniversity of SzegedSzegedHungary
  2. 2.NNG IncSzegedHungary
  3. 3.Sapientia Hungarian University of TransylvaniaMiercurea CiucRomania

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