Generalized Bruhat Cells and Completeness of Hamiltonian Flows of Kogan-Zelevinsky Integrable Systems

  • Jiang-Hua LuEmail author
  • Yipeng Mi
Part of the Progress in Mathematics book series (PM, volume 326)


Let G be any connected and simply connected complex semisimple Lie group, equipped with a standard holomorphic multiplicative Poisson structure. We show that the Hamiltonian flows of all the Fomin-Zelevinsky twisted generalized minors on every double Bruhat cell of G are complete in the sense that all the integral curves of their Hamiltonian vector fields are defined on C. It follows that the Kogan-Zelevinsky integrable systems on G have complete Hamiltonian flows, generalizing the result of Gekhtman and Yakimov for the case SL(n,C). We in fact construct a class of integrable systems with complete Hamiltonian flows associated to generalized Bruhat cells which are defined using arbitrary sequences of elements in the Weyl group of G, and we obtain the results for double Bruhat cells through the so-called open Fomin-Zelevinsky embeddings of (reduced) double Bruhat cells in generalized Bruhat cells. The Fomin-Zelevinsky embeddings are proved to be Poisson, and they provide global coordinates on double Bruhat cells, called Bott- Samelson coordinates, in which all the Fomin-Zelevinsky minors become polynomials and the Poisson structure can be computed explicitly.


Poisson structures integrable systems double Bruhat cells generalized Bruhat cells 

Mathematics Subject Classification (2010):

Primary: 17B80 Secondary: 17B63 20G20 


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