The Invisible Giant: Economics of Artisanal Activity in India

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The Crafts Council of India (CCI) and partner organizations in the country have focused attention on the economics of a sector acknowledged as the second largest source of Indian livelihood, yet without robust data to back this claim. This lacuna has often led to considering crafts as an outdated culture, a ‘sunset’ industry, with little relevance to contemporary need. Yet elsewhere in the world, the artisan and her crafts are increasingly recognized and nurtured as a source or creativity and innovation, with an importance that goes beyond hand production. India’s artisanal resources are perhaps the largest in the world, offering a unique competitive advantage. In addition, the reinforcement of identity in a globalized world and the continuity of a cultural heritage that is unique to India represent values that transcend statistics. This paper details the efforts of CCI in trying to collaborate with various governmental agencies to develop the right economic conversation around crafts.


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