Graphic Design Analysis Model

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To understand communication design, it is essential to understand what is being done in the present and what has been done in the past. And for that, it is essential to study a large number of works and to analyse them according to coherent criteria, established by an analysis model. In this article, we reflect on a graphic objects analysis model, based on the Laurent Gervereau image analysis grid, described in the book “View, Understand, Analyse Images” (Lisbon: Edições 70, 2007. [Original publishing in French “Voir, Comprendre, Analyser les images”, 1996]), which contemplates three main fields: description, context and interpretation. Its adaptation to graphic design results in an analysis tool that we consider to be universal enough to suit all types of graphic objects, but also sufficiently detailed so that each analysis can be meaningful and relevant.


Graphic design history Analysis Analysis model 



The Author gratefully acknowledges the support to this paper presentation by CIAUD, only possible by National Funds by FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, Portugal.


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