Design and Realization of Police Physical Fitness Assessment Management System

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In order to effectively promote the majority of police officers to actively participate in physical fitness training, improve their physical fitness, technical and tactical qualities and enhance their ability to handle actual combat. This article focuses on the actual situation of the physical fitness training of the police, uses the police physical fitness training manual as the evaluation criteria, establishes a system that provides physical training information management and achievement evaluation design and implementation. The management evaluation system has established user management, performance management, assessment management, and training guidance. The Police Physical Fitness Assessment Management System can manage the four modules according to the user’s functional usage rights. Senior administrators and physical training unit administrators can manage personnel information and results, input, add, delete personnel information and input and bulk physical fitness training achievements. The system automatically checks the scores generated by individual subjects and comprehensive assessment according to the scoring criteria and lists the targeted physical training guidance recommendations for the trainees based on the assessment results.


Fitness training Assessment management Visual basic Database technology 


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