CSR in the Middle East: From a Philanthropic Model to a Social Investment Approach—The Case of Manzil

  • Ayesha Saeed HusainiEmail author


This chapter examines the transition of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from a philanthropic model to a more resilient, sustainable social initiative, suggesting corporate citizenship (CC) as a mutually beneficial business strategy to achieve broader social accountability. The global CC and CSR literature review suggests that CC should not be viewed as a replacement for CSR but should complement it while adding value. The role envisaged for CC and CSR is illustrated by a case study of Manzil, a non-profit institute for the education and advancement of people with disability located in the UAE. The case study illustrates the CSR investments that companies make, the ways in which they practice CSR, and the challenges this brings. The chapter tracks the progression of translating social inclusion awareness and action into a participatory CC development model. Manzil case study reflects how CSR activities can be made meaningful to both the beneficiary and the organization. The influence on the CSR landscape through advocacy, engagement, awareness, and provision of consultancy to stakeholders is discussed. The concluding discussion reflects why firms support CSR, the implications of the support they give, and the effectiveness of innovative policies.


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