Global Ramifications: Sovereignty and Autonomy

  • José Maurício DominguesEmail author


Domingues takes the discussion of political modernity to a higher scalar level. If the discussion in the former chapters concentrated on the national level, due to how the global system is organized, for analytical reasons and because this is how in modernity we have seen ourselves, the categories and trends that feature so far are also taken to this new scalar dimension. Rights, citizenship and the law, state and para-state international organizations, sovereignty and the right to protect, state and societal political systems, these are the elements that categorially organize the analysis. International relations theory, with a clear sociological tack, is the main theoretical interlocutor of the chapter. It ends with a discussion about global modernity, the diverse approaches to its understanding, hybridization, colonialism, post-colonialism, ecumenical global critical theory and civilizational analysis.

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