Art Nouveau Danube Digital Repository

  • Franc J. ZakrajšekEmail author
  • Vlasta Vodeb
Conference paper
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The paper presents the development and the implementation of the Art Nouveau digital repository as a part of Art Nouveau Danube project. The digital repository functions as a common content point of Art Nouveau heritage in Danube region and is connected with other cultural portals. The repository supports the research, preparation of studies and other project activities. On the other side, the repository is accessible to general public for tourism and education. It contains information on movable, immovable and intangible Art Nouveau heritage from whole Danube region in different forms (3D objects, videos, texts, photos, descriptions). Metadata sources are re-use and enrichment of Europeana metadata and new digitalization and documentation of Art Nouveau heritage in this region.


GIS Mobile app Europeana Digital cultural heritage Art Nouveau 


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