Security and Privacy in Smart Cities: Issues and Current Solutions

  • Talal Ashraf ButtEmail author
  • Muhammad Afzaal
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Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm is making it possible for everyday objects to integrate with the Internet. This has laid the foundations for the inception of future Smart cities based on systems that consist of a plethora of IoT devices to enable novel applications. The smart cities paradigm deals with the public data that is prone to different security and privacy risks at different level of smart cities architecture. Therefore, the importance of ensuring security and privacy is paramount in this paradigm. This paper focuses on the security and privacy issues involved in the smart cities. The paper highlights the key applications of smart cities and then investigates its architecture from security point of view. The paper also reviews the current security and privacy solutions for smart cities and emphasizes the open issues and research challenges that still need to be addressed in this new paradigm.


Security Privacy Smart city Internet of things 


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