Exploring the Opportunities and Challenges of Open Source Software and Its Economic Impact on the Cybersecurity Market

  • Ismail Alsharif
  • Adel KhelifiEmail author
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Organizations today face IT security challenges on many fronts. These include controlling user access to systems, resources, and data security issues that encompass secure storage, secure transmission, data authenticity and data integrity. These requirements are met by establishing the right policies, controls, and mechanisms that are put in place to effectively protect sensitive data. Therefore, this research aims to see if open source software has the potential to influence the cybersecurity market that is currently dominated by proprietary software. However, in order to accomplish such a task, certain conditions must be met. Such as understanding of the history behind open source software, the positive and negative influences it carries when dealing with this type of software. As well as compare and contrast current proprietary solutions with open source solutions, in order to grasp the potential economic impact of open source software leading onwards into the future. The ideal findings would be to outline the factors that are holding back open source software, and whether these factors are adjustable or correctable over time. Another aim is to highlight the potential financial benefit that comes from switching to or prioritizing OSS security solutions. As well as come up with any recommendations that would help aid businesses and organizations when it comes to obtaining suitable OSS security solutions.


Open source software Cybersecurity Challenges 


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