A Preliminary Study of Models for Manufacturing (MfM) Applied to Incremental Sheet Forming

  • Domingo Morales-PalmaEmail author
  • Fernando Mas
  • Jesús Racero
  • Carpóforo Vallellano
Conference paper
Part of the IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology book series (IFIPAICT, volume 540)


Models for Manufacturing is a new approach proposed by the authors to apply Model-based Systems Engineering concepts to Manufacturing. The methodology under development is supported by a 3-layer framework (referred to as Data Base and Interfaces, Ontology and Software Tools layers) and simple and easy-to-use software tools. This work presents a preliminary implementation of Models for Manufacturing to SPIF, an innovative incremental sheet forming that makes use of CNC technology and usually requires a numerical study to validate the manufacturing process. The work introduces the proposed methodology and presents the model in development with special emphasis on the Ontology layer.


Models for Manufacturing (MfM) Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Ontologies Manufacturing process modelling Single-Point Incremental Forming (SPIF) 



The authors would like to thank Ignacio Eguía, Jose Carlos Molina, Andrés Padillo and other Sevilla University colleagues, Julio Ortegón and other Cádiz University colleagues, Rebeca Arista, Tamara Borreguero and other AIRBUS colleagues, for their support and contribution during the development of this work.


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  • Domingo Morales-Palma
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    Email author
  • Fernando Mas
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  • Jesús Racero
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  • Carpóforo Vallellano
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  1. 1.Universidad de SevillaSevilleSpain
  2. 2.AirbusSevilleSpain

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