Experimental Investigation of Low and High Salinity Water Injection Simulation and Their Comparison with Pure Water Injection to Determine Optimum Salinity

  • Afshin DavarpanahEmail author
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Analyzing the sensitivity of high and low salinity, according to the moderately low recovery factor of high and low salinity among injection scenarios, illustrates the low sensitivity of this parameter in a fractured carbonated reservoir. By reviewing different scenarios, it could be demonstrated that if water injection was being applied to the reservoir from the preliminary times of production, the recovery factor rate will increase. Pure water injection has a high recovery factor than salty water injection. By the way, these two methods have a little difference in their recovery calculating methods. Moreover, in water injection methods, if the injection rate of water increases, the recovery factor will increase and give rise to a higher efficiency. Besides, this parameter is significantly dependent on well-head equipment properties, safety factors and economic issues (water production). Analyzing the figures and the volumes of low salinity water injection after the injection of pure water in different injection scenarios showed that all these scenarios have the highest rate of recovery and the maximum production efficiency.


Salinity water Enhanced oil recovery Recovery factor LSWI 


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