Geothermal and Volcanic Evaluation of Harrat Rahat, Northwestern Arabian Peninsula (Saudi Arabia)

  • Abdullah Al-AmriEmail author
  • Robert Mellors
  • David Harris
  • Vector Camp
  • Kamal Abdelrahman
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Saudi Arabia offers a strong potential for geothermal energy, but only a limited amount of exploration efforts has taken place. We conducted a preliminary, low-cost, reconnaissance level evaluation of the western volcanic areas (harrats) based on mapped geology and existing seismic data. The emphasis is on the Harrat Rahat volcanic area in western Saudi Arabia although a survey of other major harrats is conducted using geologic data. The goal is to test the procedure and identify areas for future, more intensive study.


Geothermal Volcanic Harrat rahat Evaluation Arabian peninsula 


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  • Abdullah Al-Amri
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    Email author
  • Robert Mellors
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  • David Harris
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  • Vector Camp
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  • Kamal Abdelrahman
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Geology and GeophysicsKing Saud UniversityRiyadhSaudi Arabia
  2. 2.Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryLivermoreUSA
  3. 3.Deschutes Signal ProcessingMaupinUSA
  4. 4.San Diego State UniversitySan DiegoUSA

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