Hydrogeological System of Sebaou River Watershed (Northern Central Algeria): An Assessment of Rainfall-Runoff Relationship

  • Bilel ZeroualiEmail author
  • Mohamed Mesbah
  • Mohamed Chettih
  • Mohammed Djemai
  • Zaki Abda
Conference paper
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In this paper, the time and frequency-based methods as cross wavelet (XWT) and wavelet coherence transform (WCT) are used to search the links between rainfall and runoff of the hydrogeological systems of the Sebaou river watershed (northern central Algeria). The analysis shows a discontinuity in the linearity between rainfall and discharge that could correspond to the dry periods, storage during floods and the capacitance of the aquifer to store reserves, with the exception of some significant amplifications in some time intervals. Furthermore, human activities such as the dam construction and the smuggling of sands and rocks of the Oued (Wadi) since the year 1998 have had a significant impact on rainfall-runoff relationship, the flows decrease and the changes in the flow regime, which is more pronounced with a rupture in the annual component of 256–512 day of WCT spectrum.


Cross wavelet Hydrogeological Rainfall and runoff Human activities Algeria 


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  • Bilel Zerouali
    • 1
    Email author
  • Mohamed Mesbah
    • 2
  • Mohamed Chettih
    • 1
  • Mohammed Djemai
    • 3
  • Zaki Abda
    • 1
  1. 1.Research Laboratory of Water Resources, Soil and Environment, Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering and ArchitectureAmar Telidji UniversityLaghouatAlgeria
  2. 2.LGBO Laboratory, Earth Sciences FacultyUniversity of Science and Technology Houari BoumedieneBab EzzouarAlgeria
  3. 3.Laboratory of Geomaterials, Environment and Development, Department of Civil EngineeringMouloud Mammeri UniversityTizi-OuzouAlgeria

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