“he will have the honor to marry her this time”: Last Chance to Marry the “Frog,” 1579–1581

  • Estelle Paranque
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Between 1579 and 1581, although Elizabeth was still depicted as a potential bride with many admirable qualities who usually greeted the French ambassador with a joyful demeanor, this representation was increasingly supplemented with alternative—frequently rather negative—images of the English queen. Furthermore, while English authors would heap praise on Elizabeth for her virtue and virginity in the 1580s, the French royal correspondence at the start of the decade scarcely mentioned these qualities, even though they were usually considered essential attributes in a potential bride. By focusing on the last two years of the marriage negotiations, this chapter examines the complexities of Anglo-French diplomatic relations during a very volatile period, as well as their impact on representations of the English queen among her French counterparts.

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