Incidental Cartilage Defect

  • David R. Christian
  • Adam J. Beer
  • Adam B. YankeEmail author


Focal chondral defects are often identified in the knee either using advanced imaging techniques or at the time of arthroscopy. Many patients with cartilage lesions experience symptoms of pain, clicking, or swelling; however, others remain asymptomatic. The clinical decision of how to manage a chondral defect is often difficult and must be correlated with a patient’s clinical presentation. Additionally, it is critical to weigh the risks and benefits of potential treatments, such as cost, rehabilitation protocol, potential adverse effects, and long-term outcomes when deciding to address a chondral defect. Here we present a case and supporting evidence for the treatment of a 21-year-old male undergoing an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with an incidental medial femoral condyle lesion.


Chondral defect Asymptomatic Chondroplasty Incidental 


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  • Adam J. Beer
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  • Adam B. Yanke
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