Chondral Defects of the Patella: Diagnosis and Management

  • Andreas H. Gomoll
  • Brian J. ChilelliEmail author


Articular cartilage injuries of the patella are common and associated with acute trauma, patellar instability, chronic maltracking, and repetitive overuse. However, chondral defects of the patella are often multifactorial and, at times, a specific etiology can be difficult to ascertain. Studies have reported patella cartilage lesions to be the second most common site within the knee behind the medial femoral condyle and have been seen in up to 36% of patients undergoing routine knee arthroscopy. Chondral lesions commonly occur following patellar dislocation and often involve the inferior aspect of the medial patellar facet. This chapter will focus on the work-up and management of patients with chondral defects of the patella. Although patellar instability is frequently seen in conjunction with cartilage injuries, it will not be discussed here in detail.


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