China’s National Governance Framework for Urban Water Resource Management

  • Zhongmei Lv
  • Mingqing YouEmail author
Part of the Future City book series (FUCI, volume 12)


China has serious problems in urban water resource management, which have profound social, economic, and political implications in China. It is necessary to analyze political and governmental policies, legal rules, technical standards, authorities and responsibilities of governmental agencies, and other issues related to the urban water resource management. The constitutional basis for urban water management mainly lies in the ownership and the division of governmental powers. The CPC and the legislative bodies, executive bodies, and judicial bodies of the government all have authorities and make rules for urban water management. Rules may take the form of national or local legislation, administrative regulations or rules, or technical standards. Relevant regulatory agencies mainly include the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Water Resources, and similar local agencies. Planning and functional zoning, administrative permits, and technical standards are key regulatory tools for urban water management. The CPC and the government have adopted some important measures to improve urban water management.


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