Theory, Praxis, and American Politics in the Age of Post-truths

  • Marouf A. HasianJr.


This chapter provides readers with an overview of some of the theory and praxis that is involved with the study of one of President Donald Trump’s most famous tweets, the one that involved the alleged “fable” of General John J. Pershing’s shooting of 49 Moro with bullets dipped in pig blood. What began as a simple “fact-checking” issue quickly morphed into debates about Trump’s rhetorical habits, the “post-truth” ideas of his followers, General Pershing’s deterrence strategies during the American-Moro “rebellion,” and today’s use of counterinsurgency techniques. This chapter also explains to readers why public and scholarly interest in “post-truth” studies surfaced in 2016, and how Trump may have stumbled across “tough” guy histories of these conflicts.


President Trump General Pershing “Pig bullet” tales Alternative facts Post-truths 

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