Characteristics of Bleaching Around Major Structures in a Reservoir-Cap Rock System, SE Utah, USA

  • Young-Seog KimEmail author
  • Kyoungtae Ko
  • Jin-Hyuck Choi
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Our research is focused on the bleaching patterns indicating natural CO2-saturated water leakage to the surface, which provides the understanding of controlling factors on fluid flow processes. To examine the relationships between bleaching patterns and geologic characteristics, we investigated the characteristics of bleaching patterns around major faults (Moab and Salt Wash Faults) based on field observations in the exhumed reservoir-cap rock systems at SE Utah, USA. According to the results of our scanline survey, the deformation bands frequently observed in fault damage zones and in bleached layers compared with unbleached layers. Although almost all fault zones act as conduits for fluid flow, some fault zones filled with clay-rich gouges can impede fluid flow.


CO2 leakage Fluid flow Fault Deformation band CO2 storage 


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  1. 1.Department of Earth & Environmental SciencesPukyong National UniversityBusanRepublic of Korea
  2. 2.Geological Research DivisionKorea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral ResourcesDaejeonRepublic of Korea

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