The Alps Revisited—4D-MB, the German Contribution to the Alp Array Mission

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  • Mark Handy
  • Emanuel Kästle
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4D-MB is a multi- and interdisciplinary project that stands as an integral part of the international Alp Array mission. It helps test the advanced hypothesis that re-organizations of the Earth’s mantle during the collision of tectonic plates have immediate as well as long-lasting effects on the earthquake distribution, crustal motion and landscape evolution in the mountain belts. The Alp-Array consortium involves 64 institutions distributed in 17 countries.


Alps Tectonics Seismology Seismic arrays 


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    Hetényi, G., et al.: The AlpArray seismic network: a large-scale European experiment to image the alpine orogen. Surv. Geophys. 2(5), 99–110 (2018). Scholar

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