Early Pliocene Gastropods of Southern Pacific Coast of Mexico: Taxonomy and Paleogeography

  • Catalina Gómez-EspinosaEmail author
  • Claudia Ortíz-Jerónimo
  • Luis Antonio Flores-de-Bois
  • Oscar Talavera-Mendoza
Conference paper
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Gastropods mollusck from Punta Maldonado Formation (Pliocene age) were collected and identified. The studied area is located in the Southern Pacific Coast of Mexico precisely in the Panamic Malacological Province. The taxonomy of the malacofauna are revised, the distribution in the Recent Age are analyzed and their precise location over time are recorded. Forty-nine species belonging to thirty-two genera are identified, from them three species: Conasprella armiger (Crosse, 1858), Solenosteira cf. dalli (Brown & Pilsbry, 1911) and Crepidula convexa Say, 1822 are part of the recent Caribbean Malacological Province while Enaeta barnesii (Gray, 1825) has not been previously registered for the Guerrero Coast. The distribution of the gastropods during the Pliocene shows the relics of the fauna before the closure of the Isthmus of Panama.


Marine gastropods Early pliocene Pacific ocean Punta Maldonado Guerrero Mexico 



This study was supported by SEP-PROMEP Project “Aplicación de los moluscos (bivalvos y gasterópodos) del Neógeno (Plioceno) como proxies para cuantificar los efectos a mediano plazo del cambio climático en las zonas costeras en Guerrero, México”. We want to thanks to Dr. Rafael Flores-Garza, UAEM, UAGro and Dra. Martha Reguero Reza, ICMyL, UNAM for their help with the taxonomy.


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  • Catalina Gómez-Espinosa
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    Email author
  • Claudia Ortíz-Jerónimo
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  • Luis Antonio Flores-de-Bois
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  • Oscar Talavera-Mendoza
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  1. 1.Escuela Superior de Ciencias de la TierraUniversidad Autónoma de GuerreroTaxco El ViejoMexico

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