Oil Pollution in the Persian Gulf: Satellite-Monitoring Results in 2017

  • Natalia EvtushenkoEmail author
  • Andrey Ivanov
  • Vyacheslav Evtushenko
Conference paper
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Oil extraction and transportation practices have turned the Gulf region into one of the most polluted sea areas in the world. In this context, monitoring oil related pollution as persistent in the Persian Gulf was implemented through application of the interactive classification method on the SAR images. The achieved findings appear to reveal that no less than 5000 oil spills were detected and identified to prevail in the Gulf area.


Satellite monitoring Oil pollution Persian gulf SAR Geoinformation 



The study was supported by a grant provided by the Russian Science Foundation (project# 14-50-00095), as granted to the P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, the Russian Academy of Sciences.


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  • Natalia Evtushenko
    • 1
    • 2
    Email author
  • Andrey Ivanov
    • 1
  • Vyacheslav Evtushenko
    • 2
  1. 1.P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of SciencesMoscowRussia
  2. 2.SCANEX GroupMoscowRussia

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